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Established 2014
Edgar Peláez - Managing Director

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Oil and Gas Industry ● Oilfield Services ● Innovation-Startup Ventures
Executive - Operations - Profit and Loss Management ● Resources Planning
Technology Development – Deployment – Roadmaps
Market Valuations ● Funding - Capitalization
Restructuring - Mergers ● Board - Investor Relations
Business Development ● Marketing ● Business Strategy - Planning


Business ● Strategy ● Management ● Consulting
Oil and gas services ● EV Charging ● Water Sanitation ● Superconductivity ● Agriculture
Business expertise: national and private companies ● Startups
Domestic and International subsidiaries management
International business: North America-Latin America–Europe-West Africa-Far East
Resident experience: Argentina–Brazil–Colombia–Mexico–Venezuela-United States
Hands-on operations management ● Investor relations and management
Effective solutions finder leadership: multi-disciplinary - multi-cultural teams
Long lasting business relationships ● Deep understanding of commercial drivers


Startup venture restructuring, funding, capitalization, technology market development
Evaluation of oil and gas technologies offering for private investors
Evaluation of mining company technology portfolio for penetration into oil & gas
Synergy development between international E&P consulting enterprises
Promotion of oil and gas assets for private capital groups
Expert opinion on oil and gas industry business environment and trends
Evaluation of customer perceptions of oilfield services companies
Business operations support for startup ventures
Business startup leadership, strategy and development for oil and gas technologies
Business development support for oil and gas data management